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Halloween decorations are some of the exciting things in Halloween. Decking our homes with all sorts of creepy and cool decorations is one way that we can get into the festivity and feel the Halloween spirit. We can make it even more fun by being crafty and creating DIY Halloween decorations ourselves.

Don’t feel overwhelmed about creating them though, as a lot of DIY Halloween decors are easy to create. Creating Halloween decorations can be enjoyed together with your family or friends. Even kids can have a hand on it too.

Apart from being enjoyable, creating your own Halloween decorations can also save you money, as they would cost lesser than the ones at the stores. They can be made with just inexpensive materials and even some things readily available at home.

By just the use of some inexpensive materials and doing easy crafting steps, you can achieve a spooktacularly decorated house that can give off spooky vibes and impress passers-by, trick-or-treaters, and guests. DIY Halloween decor will also make your house more unique, as they differ from the typical decorations bought at the stores.

So why not check out and try some of these easy and cheap DIY Halloween decorations provided in this article. Any of them are sure to add some spookiness to your house and make it stand out. And most of all, they’re a lot of fun to do.

Giant Yarn Spider Web

The Halloween Sisters 

A huge blank space on a wall gives you an opportunity to decorate this awesome giant yarn spider web on it. It’s so easy yet so cool.

All you need in order to do it are some white yarn, scissors, and tape. You’ll just have to take a couple of long pieces of yarn to form the basic spider web shape. And the remaining yarn you have, you would tie around each of the pieces of yarn that makes up the basic spider web shape.

Balloon Spider

Balloon Market 

Balloons always make great decorations for any celebration or event. For Halloween, why not make use of balloons and spook them up into balloon spiders.

To make a balloon spider, you’ll need two round black balloons for the head and body as well as four black long entertainer balloons for the legs. Forming the balloon spider is not so hard to do. You can see how it is put together in this video.


Jorge Ramirez Fotografo 

Witch decorations are a classic for Halloween. And you can make some yourself very easily. A few couple of things will be needed to create these cool witch decorations such as female head-to-bust mannequins, glue, latex, flour, black paint, black cloths, pool noodles, tape, witch hats with hair, and a glue gun.

Making the witch figure involves giving a mannequin the stereotypical witch look by creating a mixture of some glue, latex, and flour and using it to add in an elongated nose and chin, then painting it black. You would also dress it in a black cloth secured with a glue gun and tape around it a pool noodle for arms. And the final touch is hot gluing on it a witch hat with hair.

Creepy Eyeballs

HGTV Handmade 

Eyeballs hanging or laying around different areas can make awesome creepy decorations. These creepy eyeballs can be placed anywhere in your house.

It only requires some craft foam balls, a file or sandpaper, a paintbrush, acrylic paint or any paint of your choice or markers, a toothpick, red yarn, and glue. And the process is as simple as creating the details of the eyeballs on the craft foam balls with paint or markers and adding in veins by gluing some yarn that has been unraveled at the end to the craft foam balls.

Bat Mobile

Becca Beach 

You can give your house the illusion of having flying bats with this bat mobile decoration. You can achieve this bat mobile with just a bat template you can find on Google and print, craft foam sheets, a sharpie, fishing strings, a glue gun, a tree branch, and some tacks.

All you have to do is draw and cut out some bats on black craft foam sheets, hot glue a fishing string on each of the bats, tie the bats’ fishing strings onto a branch, then finally hang the branch on the ceiling with some fishing strings and tacks.

Bats on a Branch

tesa SE 

Another option for bat decorations is this bats on a branch. Like in the previous bat decoration, you will draw and cut out some black bats for this option. But you’ll just stick the bats on a tree branch with double-sided tape instead of hanging them.

Cheesecloth Ghosts

Event Answer 

Have some ghosts lurking around your house by creating and decorating with these cheesecloth ghosts. These haunting ghost decorations are formed with the use of cheesecloth and liquid starch. A ghost shape can be achieved with a plastic bottle, a balloon, and floral wire taped together to serve as the frame. If you’re going to make this, do it on cardboard that’s covered with wax paper so it would be easily moved anywhere and to prevent sticking.

To make a cheesecloth ghost, you would first create a ghost frame with a plastic bottle and a balloon for the body and floral wire for the arms, which you would secure together with tape. Then on top of the frame, you will drape a cheesecloth that has been soaked in liquid starch and try to form it into a ghost shape. You would then allow the cheesecloth ghost to dry for a couple of hours.

Once dry, you would add the final details, which are the eyes using black felt. And finally, take out the frame.

Spooky Eyes Lights


Don’t you find it creepy when you feel you’re being watched? You can bring that creepy feeling into your house with these spooky eyes lights. All it takes are some cardboard tubes from kitchen paper rolls, a pen, scissors, and some glow sticks.

In order to create these spooky lit eyes, first, you will draw and cut out some eyes shapes on each kitchen paper tube. Then you are going to insert a glow stick on each of them.

Cardboard Tombstones


How about making a graveyard for your house with these cardboard tombstones? You can achieve them with cardboard boxes, a pen, scissors, tape, sandbags, newspapers, gray and black spray paint, a cutter, and a glue gun.

You can easily form a tombstone by drawing and cutting out a tombstone shape on a cardboard box, creating an x-shaped support with two cardboard strips to be inserted in the tombstone, providing weight on it with a sandbag, and decoupaging the top arch with newspaper. You’ll then add on it some details like gray paint for the tombstone color and black paint for weathering, cut-out or wooden letters painted in black, etc.

Mummy Door


Transforming your front door into a mummy door would be cool too. It can be done in a matter of minutes using only thin white fabric, 3M tape, two yellow construction papers, red and black poster boards, and glue.

The door mummification process involves wrapping strips of cut fabric around the door, sticking them from the back of the door using 3M tape. But before that, you’ll first draw and cut out a semi-circle on each of the yellow construction papers for the eyes, which you will stick on the black poster board in a manner that’s slightly slanted towards the middle to give it that evil look. You would also draw and cut out on the red poster board a mouth shape with zigzag teeth and also stick it on the black poster board slanting to one side for an evil smile.

Once you got the mummy face done, you would tape the black poster board on the door. By then your door is ready for mummification.

Jack Skellington Door

Disney Family 

An easier option for a Halloween door decoration but just as cool is this Jack Skellington door. You’ll just need to draw and cut out the shapes of Jack Skelington’s eyes, nose, and mouth on a black poster board and stick them accordingly on the door to make his face.

Spider Wreath

Better Homes and Gardens

Another cool option for a Halloween door decoration is this spider wreath. This DIY wreath only requires a wooden wreath, black spray paint, a glue gun, and a fake spider.

First, give the wooden wreath a spooky look by spray painting it black. Once it dries, you will form the spider web with silver strings and secure them with hot glue. And the final touch would be a fake spider hot glued on the web.

Halloween Window Silhouettes


Halloween window silhouettes would be perfect for big windows. And you can make silhouettes of any characters of dark, fantasy, monster, or horror films perfect for Halloween like the characters of Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Michael Myers from Halloween, Pennywise from It, etc.

To create them, you will just need to draw on a black posterboard your desired character with some gaps of spaces where the light will be showing through. Make sure to do it on the necessary details so that the characters would be recognizable.

After you’re done with your drawing, cut out the shapes you’ve drawn. Then finally, you can stick them to your window. You would also cover them with cut-up trash bags afterward.

Skeleton Hands Candy Bowl

Megan Navarro

Treats are best served in a Halloween candy bowl. And there’s this really cool skeleton hands candy bowl that you can create yourself. And it even comes with a skeleton hand tong. The things you will need for this are two skeleton hands, a skeleton hand tong, black spray paint, a candlestick holder, a stainless steel bowl, super glue, and a glue gun.

The skeleton hands, tong, and candlestick holder would be spray painted black. The bowl would then be super-glued to the candlestick holder. And the final step is to hot glue the skeleton hands on the candlestick holder and bowl.

Lighted Jack-O-Lantern Topiary


Jack-o-lanterns are a must for Halloween. You can make yours extraordinary by making this lighted Jack-o-lantern topiary that’s unique in all-white color with string lights. To achieve this Jack-o-lantern topiary, you will need to prepare five small styrofoam pumpkins, natural raffia, a medium-sized planter, a long dustpan handle, a plastic wine glass top, a sharpie, a knife, white acrylic paint, a sponge brush, E6000 glue, and string lights.

You’ll start with the support by gluing in place the top of a wine glass (with hot glue) and the dustpan handle (with E6000) in the planter. You’ll then spray paint the planter white. Then finally, reinforce the support by filling the planter with plastic bags.

Working on the pumpkins would be next, which involves drawing and carving out faces on them and painting them white. Holes would also be made on them in an alternating manner for pushing them through the support (on the left on the first pumpkin, on the right on the second pumpkin, and so on), which would result in a fun zigzag formation. A hole at the back of the pumpkins must also be made for inserting the string lights.


Sure, we can just buy Halloween decor to just put in our homes. But it’s not as fun as when we create them ourselves and especially when we do them with family or friends and with our favorite Halloween tunes playing. Going DIY is also a great option if you wanna keep the expenses low.

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