April 26, 2021 1:58 pm

The indie space is always quite exciting for new releases as it typically unveils opportunities that aren’t found in other spaces – the most notable recently has certainly been within gaming as indie titles are capturing a huge and growing audience, particularly in the mobile space with the rise of gambling platforms like those find at https://www.legalonlinecasino.org/borgata-casino/, music has also done well in the indie space with platforms like Soundcloud promoting indie artists rather than the big names and has been a huge help too. With big online streaming platforms like Netflix now pushing out many of their own titles, it may provide an opportunity for indie horror to grow too, and there have been some great releases for the indie space in the past few years too.

Midsommar – As a movie that was quite heavily advertised, it’s difficult for some to put this into the indie category, but that’s where it belongs – spawned off the back of the Hereditary cinematic universe that found its debut in 2018, Midsommar was quite well received by both fans and critics. If you’re looking for a high budget but good entry into the indie horror scene, this is certainly a great place to get started.

Gretel & Hansel ­– Based of the fairy-tale but with a darker twist to it, this film didn’t do so well with critics and fans receiving only a 5.4 on IMDb and a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, but something the 2020 release did do well for a horror is to not rely on the big jump scares or cliches that make up the genre. With deeper story telling and character building, the movie did manage to show that done in the right way, this modern take on older classics could certainly be successful, and it certainly won’t be the last attempt for those looking to replicate what made this good in many aspects, whilst avoiding the issues that brought it down a little.

His House – Releasing in 2020 with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes review, this indie title shows the harrowing escape of a refugee from Sudan and how their new life in the UK isn’t what they had hoped for – receiving such a huge score is high praise for the debut from Remi Weeks and has shown exactly what horror/thrillers can do well. There’s certainly a lot to this movie and worth checking out if you haven’t done so yet and gives a great glimpse into the indie horror genre.

There are certainly plenty of others that can make this list and many that you may have seen already, but these newer releases give horror fans a lot of hope that there are exciting releases on the horizon, and the potential for the genre which had become stale for many to evolve into something much more exciting.

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