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There’s no doubt that cinematography would lose its charm if it weren’t for one outstanding genre: horror. Spooky films radiate a special ambiance and vibe that no other movie genre can match, placing the viewer into a chilling and fascinating world of risks and games for survival. Sounds pretty distressing, doesn’t it? But with the intense, peculiar magic that horror films effuse, the feeling is anything but distressing – enjoying a good horror is a gripping and exhilarating experience!

And things get especially sensitive and magnificent when it comes to the teenage horror genre. Scary films featuring desperate teenagers fighting for life and peace on campus are quite the treat, aren’t they? Young people who – like many of us, forced to order writing help from online services like EssayShark after taking a look at a credible essayshark review – are placed within life-threatening and even supernatural conditions. What can be more joyous to observe for college kids than other tortured students? That being said, let’s take a look at the coolest teen horrors set on campus.

  1. “Scream 2” – 1997

As the sequel to the legendary teen slasher centering on a psycho killer in the “ghostface” costume, “Scream 2” has moved beyond its predecessor in terms of its vigor and coziness. (Yes, even horror films can be cozy to watch.) Now, the characters, who so fearlessly and confidently fought back the murderer in the previous film, have moved a step closer to adulthood and entered college. And the creepy yet epic ghost-faced man is yet to haunt them in their seemingly cloudless college days.

  1. “Happy Death Day” – 2017

A modern look at the “Groundhog Day” style of story, only through a horrifying, and endlessly captivating perspective – “Happy Death Day” right away conquered the hearts of avid horror movie fans upon its release. A cute girl crazy about partying falls into a time loop where she gets killed by a mysterious maniac wearing a smiley mask. Just like with the previous classic, here, the tendency towards nutty killers with a mask manifests itself to the fullest! Now, the poor gal has to untangle the loop and find who hides behind the plastic mask with an ironic face.

  1. “Oxford Murders” – 2008

Featuring the well-recognized and charming Elija Wood, this flick places us into a puzzling, unsettling whirlwind of unresolved murders happening in one of the world’s most notable abodes of academic life: Oxford. The film invites us to take a peek at the humble life of a college student with an aptitude for mathematical studies who is dragged into a vicious circle of lies and violence that keeps growing more intense and connected to every mysterious murder that Wood’s character so eagerly tries to unravel.

  1. “Final Destination” – 2000

As the first film to the super-popular franchise displaying the inevitability of death, this film became an unprecedented discovery of teenage cinematography. Based on a blood-curdling plot and fueled with incredible acting and creepy horror devices, “Final Destination” has established itself as a distinctive piece of filmmaking and a good example of the horror genre. In this remarkable movie, the script shows the craft of true specialists of the horror genre, as the tension won’t let up until the end, while the gory and spectacular scenery will leave you speechless and mentally dazed.

  1. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” – 1997

The young and carefree Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddy Prince Jr. star in this cult teen horror that emits the casual and stylish atmosphere of the 90s, while giving hellishly good creeps to the viewer! Haunted by the revenge of an allegedly deceased man, a group of lively teenagers run away from the unknown evil spirit, doing their best to stay alive as wicked forces gain more power and influence over their lives.

  1. “Jennifer’s Body” – 2009

This amazing dark comedy astonishes with its youthful vehemence, uniqueness, and engaging plot. The film earned recognition for its unprecedented attempt to fuse eccentric humor and repulsive thrash. And the creators did succeed in doing so – supported by the striking acting of Amanda Seyfred and Megan Fox, “Jennifer’s Body” impresses with its incredible ideas and bright visual content, surpassing many iconic yet old-school horror flicks!

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The teen horror genre keeps flourishing in today’s open-minded and forward-looking society, supported by its devoted fans – undaunted and reckless teens! As a special and popular subgenre of horror filmmaking, teen horror has proven to stay afloat in the relatively volatile and unpredictable movie industry. And the products on teenage horror cinematography that we have provided in this article once again prove that this genre has retained its popularity over the years and managed to draw huge crowds to the silver screen.


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