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In most parts of the country, you could throw a stone in any direction and hit a haunted house, but few of them have ever had histories horrifying enough to earn them the nickname “Demon House”. The Monroe House in an exception. Hidden away in a quiet section of Hartford City, Indiana, the mysterious white house has been at the center of a violent haunting that has caused paranormal investigators to flee the building in fear, and left the police in the middle of a potential crime scene.

When it comes to the hauntings of Indiana’s Monroe House, there countless first-hand experiences from paranormal investigators that would turn anyone’s hair white, but the encounters reported by the unfortunate souls who lived in the “Demon House” are even more chilling. According to locals, the strange house on Monroe Street has had nothing but negativity attached to the it for well over a century.

From what researchers have been able to gather, the original foundation of the Monroe House was built sometime in the mid 1800s, and since the day the soil was broken, countless people involved with the home have experienced strange activity that paranormal investigators have described as “demonic.” Previous owners have been chased out of the building by shadowy figures devoid of human features, unexplainable fires have spontaneously manifested in the baement, disembodied voices echo through the hallways, and even a number of mysterious deaths have occurred inside the Monroe House.

Researchers point to former tenants fiddling with occult rituals in the 90s as a potential cause of the Demon House’s nefarious activity, but others say that the strange phenomena began as early as the 30s, when the house was owned by a Belgian family who began to report ghostly visitations in the home.

While theories on how the paranormal activity inside the Monroe House began are varied, there is one thing that nearly all of the building’s investigators can agree on: there are some some seriously bad vibes in the basement.

In 2014, a team of ghost hunters decided to spend the night investigating the Monroe House. They had come with the intention of “crossing over” the spirit of a young child that reportedly haunted the building. Their investigation remained relatively routine until they reached the basement, when things went south.

“We had a very bad encounter in the basement and didn’t know what to do,” one researcher wrote. “This was something we have never seen before. It caused everybody to panic and we decided to call off the investigation early. Half of the group said this was to much for them , the other half wanted answers. We realized the how serious and big this was and at the same time was convinced we were not experienced enough to do this in a house like this.”

The team never returned.

Just a year earlier, the EVP Paranormal Team of Indiana had spent the night investigating the home, leaving one researcher to say that she had never witnessed so much paranormal activity in one location. During their ghost hunt, they collected recordings of ghostly voices telling them to “get out”, “die”, and “pray for us”, but much like the other teams who had searched the house, their scariest moment came during their trip to the basement.

The team were interested in seeking out the ghost a child that many believe was killed by one of the property’s mysterious fires. As they made their way to the basement, they took notice of a charred support beam where one of these fires had allegedly started. As the investigators snapped photos of the blackened beam, the lights in the building began to flicker before turning off completely, leaving the ghost hunters trapped in the pitch darkness. Suddenly, one of the investigators screamed, sending the team scrambling for the stairs. Once they had found themselves back in the light, they discovered three long scratches down the back of their newest investigator, who described the feeling of a hand reaching to her from the darkness. She refused to continue the investigation.

“I lived upstairs along time ago and can say there is something very real and possibly demonic. I don’t care how many ghost hunters have been in there and what they believe. You have to live there! I read some of the stuff investigators have said and some got it pretty close but you cannot go in there for a night and know how bad it is. I lived there and it started very slow and then got worse. I thought in the beginning that it was just regular noises but at the end I left.” – Anonymous (hauntedhovel)

In August of 2016, Hartford City, Indiana locals began to see film crews and police cars gathered around the building, and rumors that bodies had been discovered in the infamous Monroe House started to spread through the community. As it turns out, ghost hunters Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman were in town to film the second season premier of Paranormal Lockdown at the “Demon House”, and after 72 hours locked inside, they’d made a horrifying discovery: human remains buried in the basement crawl space.

The Paranormal Lockdown takes Nick and Katrina into belly of the beast, where they spent three days chasing the Monroe House’s activity. By the end of their investigation, not only have they managed to capture some pretty impressive paranormal evidence, but the entire episode builds towards the shocking discovery of human bones hidden in the basement of the treacherous home, officially beginning a police investigation.

Could the human remains be the source of all the violent activity in the building’s basement? It seems likely, but only time will tell. Since the Monroe House is so paranormally active, the property owners have kept the location open to investigators and teams looking to help them get to the bottom of the building’s strange phenomena. Not that I think I need to stress this point, but only experienced investigators need apply.

Thanks to shows like Paranormal Lockdown, the house and its attachments – whoever or whatever they are – are about to be thrust into the limelight, which will hopefully draw the attention of seasoned paranormal investigators who can continue to document, and potentially solve, the activity that has plagued the house for a hundred years. For now, though, Indiana’s Monroe House remains exceptionally active, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella