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The dead have been known to come back to the world of the living if they had unfinished business. Ghosts and paranormal activities have been sighted in old houses, graveyards, old castles and strangely enough, casinos. It’s a strange place for a ghost to appear. There’s severe trauma connected to them which is why some establishments have passed away gamblers visiting them for a game.

Fortunately, there aren’t any ghosts online. Punters can play their favorite games without listening to strange noises and wondering why the doors are opening and shutting by themselves. The best thing about online casinos is that they keep the industry alive and roaring, and they frequently release new games. So there are new online casino games available at NoviCasino, BoVegas, Café Casino, Irish Luck, and others weekly so there’s something to everybody’s taste.

Horror enthusiasts can certainly find casino games with a spooky theme, but the hardcore horror fans might want to visit haunted establishments and maybe play a game of poker with the ghosts. If you’re a brave individual who likes visiting haunted places for fun then here are some of the most haunted casinos in the US of A:

Canfield Casino

This casino is one of the historical monuments of the City of Saratoga Springs. There have been many reports of weird happenings. Sightings of a woman dressed in Victorian garb have been frequent. Also, many patrons have been unexpectedly slapped by some rude ghosts and some have even smelled cigar smoke although no one around them was smoking.

The Flamingo

Some ghost hunters have labeled this casino as one of the most haunted ones and rightly so. Its owner was notorious mobster Bugsy Siegel who was shot to death in 1947. Although the circumstances of his death are still unclear today, his spirit seems to be in perfect shape. Many employees have reported seeing Bugsy in the Presidential Suite and beside the pool. The cleaning staff has been known to quit their jobs after having made contact with his ghost. Since he was an intimidating character in real life, he must be intimidating in the spirit world because the reports of sightings haven’t stopped.


Tiki masks are wooden masks that served as deities in the past. They were believed to increase a user’s luck and protect them from evil spirits. The Tropicana casino used to have one such mask, but unlike the original characteristics, it did more harm than good. Visitors to the casino reported seeing purple mist around the mask in photos. What’s more shocking is the fact that people who came in contact with the mask developed a distinct purple rash on their faces. Because of the rumors that the mask was haunted, casino management removed the mask so it doesn’t add fuel to the fire.


This Vegas-based casino is also rumored to be haunted. At the time of being built many workers ended up dead in strange and unexplained accidents. Group suicides have been known to take place at the results and in 2006, there was a car bomb explosion that killed a guest. With so many weird events it’s hard to deny the rumors.


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