June 13, 2017 7:26 am

Last month, a traveller boy in Portugal claimed the Virgin Mary came to him in a vision and told him she would reappear at the Knock shrine in County Mayo, Ireland, at 3pm on Saturday June 10.

Worshippers believe the Virgin Mary appeared in the clouds above a shrine right on cue yesterday after a teenage boy was told to expect a vision of Our Lady.

Crowds of people gathered at Knock Shrine in County Mayo, Ireland, at 3pm on Saturday, expecting to see a vision of the Virgin Mary.

They headed to the shrine after a Portuguese traveller boy, 14, told his family how our Blessed Lady and others appeared to him in a vision during a visit to Fatima in May.

Millions of people believe the Virgin Mary appeared at Knock in 1879.

Yesterday, thousands waited once again, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

Initially, it seemed she had failed to appear – but now a video has emerged on social media showing what worshippers claim is the Virgin Mary in the clouds above the shrine.

The video was posted on Facebook by Biddy Connors, who wrote: “Our lady appeared in knock today. Astonishing Never get over what i seen. Please watch.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella