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Travelling to the Astral Plane via astral projection is one of the most amazing experiences anyone can go through. Astral projection, in addition to letting us travel to any point of space and time, gives us access to this realm, where the soul crosses on the way to being born and after the physical body dies. Immaterial beings live in this realm, but while there are many benevolent entities like angels and good spirits living there, there are also malevolent entities that may seek to harm you. This is why it is important to be properly armed and protected during astral projection sessions.

Why are there dangers?

This is because the Astral Plane is actually composed of many different planes, and the lower astral plane is a repository of the collective evil and fear of humanity. Unfortunately, to be able to access the higher levels of the astral realm, this lower astral plane has to be crossed, and it is during this crossing that the dangers can arise. In fact, if an astral body is shining so brightly, even if they are in the higher levels of the astral realm, lower level, or lower vibrational entities, may still follow, as they are attracted by the bright glow of the astral body.

While there is no risk of actually dying, encountering a malevolent lower vibrational entity can be harrowing experience, and may even affect how you see astral projection and even the real material world once it happens.

What are the monsters of the Astral Plane?

If mankind has thought of it, feared it, it is there in the astral plane. Demons, evil spirits, ghosts, malevolent monsters, all reside in the lower astral plane. Remember, it is the repository of the collective evil and fear of humanity.

What these monsters seek and desire is the energy and light of your astral body. They are drawn to it like moths to a flame, even more so when they sense your fear and doubt.

Primary step: Raise your vibration

Lower vibrational entities are attracted to fear, doubt, sadness, hatred, and other negative vibrations. In order to not attract the attention of these malevolent beings, you have to raise your vibrations to a higher level, that of love, courage, joy, compassion. Once your frequency is higher, it will be very difficult for most lower vibration entities to see you, let alone reach you. In fact, being at this higher vibrational level will attune you to the other higher vibrational beings that you can interact with.
But despite this, lower entities may still end up encountering you, as your light will be bright and this is attractive to them.

Secondary step: Avoid, prevent, evade.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And the primary step to protect yourself from the lower vibrational entities is to simply avoid them entirely. More often than not, your inner instinct will give us a sense of what may be waiting for you in the astral plane at that moment if you astral project. If you feel uneasy at that moment, don’t astral project, and save it for another day.

Sometimes however, there may not be any forewarning. But when you astral project, and sense a lower vibrational entity coming or waiting far away, take a different route, or even go back to your body, wake up, and wait, until the being is gone. Usually these entities don’t stick around for too long, as they are constantly seeking people to latch on to.

Should an entity get attracted to your light and begin to head towards you, evade and run. Go to a different plane, or if needed, go back to your body. Don’t give them the chance to gain momentum and speed to reach you. The sooner you evade, run, or get out of their way, the better. Once they give up, they will stop the chase and you can continue on your way.

Last resorts: attack, call for help

Should the above steps fail, and you have no choice but to confront the entity, you have to fight them off. But you do not go to battle unarmed and unprotected. Create your armor of light and your astral sword!

The armor of light is a protective cover of light that comes from within, drawing from the powers of love, compassion, and happiness. To be able to conjure up an armor of light, it is important to focus on thoughts of love and tranquility, all the while affirming to yourself that your beautiful thoughts are covering you in an armor of light. The process of creating an astral sword is similar, but you will have to draw from, and project, your own love outward into a weapon of light that can fight off the lower level beings.

Should an entity approach you, attack with no fear and commit to your desire to be at peace. Once you slice or stab at the entity, they will feel your love and begin to be repelled, if not vanish entirely. Attacks at you will be repelled by the armor of light, and keep you safe.

However, you are not always at 100%, and there are times when you are caught off guard and fear grips your heart. When this happens, it may be difficult to draw your astral sword and wear your armor of light. Calling for help is an option, for higher vibrational benevolent beings, like angels and spirits, to assist you in repelling the entity. Being entities from the same realm, they will be better at dealing with these entities than you at your fearing state.

Follow these tips, and you will have a very safe astral projection session. Also, remember, when in doubt, go back. Let the silver cord pull you back to the safety of your physical body, and try again when you are ready!

Another way to make sure you are safe during astral projection sessions is to attune your astral body properly beforehand. Listening to a binaural beats track for astral projection can help with that.

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