October 19, 2016 1:40 pm

John Mooner had a close encounter with the ‘classic-looking’ large black eyes in Devon before fleeing and coughing up blood

The aliens have landed… shapeshifting lifeform snapped by expert

A paranormal expert was left terrified after having a very close encounter with an alien.

John Mooner managed to take a picture of the extraterrestrial lifeform which had “classic-looking” black eyes and an indefinite shape.

Far from being a little green man, this was a large grey alien said John.

He tried to flee the lifeform but ended up coughing up blood – which he blames on the otherworldly invader.

John, who was on the lookout for aliens in his hometown of Newton Abbot, Devon, stumbled across the being in a park.

He said the extraterrestrial fixed him with a stare before it began floating.

John said the incident was final proof he had been seeking for that aliens were alive and well on Earth – and were living in Devon.

He said: “I was doing some paranormal investigation looking for anything out of the ordinary and I had just walked around the woods when I saw someone standing there in the park.

“It was as I got closer that I realised that it was no man. I had the shock of my life – it was a grey alien.

“The grey alien was just standing there blocking the way I was heading. I fumbled around with my pocket camera and quickly took a photograph before the AA batteries fell out of the camera’s batteries compartment.

Keeping an eye on us, the alien had classic-looking black peepers

“There was no time to pick up the batteries to take another photograph as the grey alien was now looking right at me.

“It had the classic-looking black eye which freaked me right out.

“The grey alien then started floating in my direction. I jumped back in fight and quickly turn around and started running like hell back through the woods.”

John says he ‘ran for miles’ before he started unaccountably ‘coughing up blood’.

Luckily for science and humankind he managed to take a picture.

John, who describes himself as the chief photographer for world UFO photos, has taken several pictures over the years.

Earlier this year he says he also captured a UFO ‘falling from the stars’ – that looked like Mick Hucknall.

He spotted what he says was a spacecraft and the red-haired pilot inside staring back at him.

And on closer inspection the face looking down on Earth is almost a spitting image of the Simply Red front man – who penned the lyrics ‘I wanna fall from the stars.’

He said: “I was gobsmacked there was someone looking back at me. I almost dropped my camera with shock.

“To my amazement it had beautiful red permed hair that was reminiscent of the 80s. I could only just see the face it was hard to determine if this being was male or female.”

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