October 6, 2016 1:54 pm

Loveland is a small town of Ohio in the United States. An Urban Legend tells that on numerous occasions a strange animal with the head of a frog and body of a human appeared to the inhabitants of the place. These appearances would take place in the vicinity of the river surrounding the city. The creature is a species of being on earth but with features of a frog or lizard.

There have been various sources of its existence but without any concrete evidence of its existence. However, searching for clear signs that confirm this theory, we’ve only been able to find some drawings, a few testimonies of their existence and the photo above.

Among the witnesses who claim to have seen the frogman in person; this strange being half human and half frog are two policemen of the region, who claimed to have seen a giant frog, jumping on the banks of the river and then getting lost in the depths of it. All the witnesses agree on the same thing, it seemed to have human form but with the head of a frog or lizard, a meter and a half of height and skin with appearance of leather.

In the absence of further information about this paranormal being, we believe that it would be logical to put the Frogman in the category of mythology.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella