October 1, 2016 2:15 pm

The Wake Synopsis

A young Englishman is brought to a traditional Irish wake by his new girlfriend. Given a cold reception by the family he finds himself involved in a custom that is not so traditional…


The Wake is a new and exciting short Irish horror film set around a traditional Irish wake. The aim is to to create a film that will be an experience to watch; have strong, vivid characters, creepy, scary and suspenseful scenes and practical special effects with lots of blood! An Irish wake consists of a lot of strange and old traditions which will be warped into a fantasy scenario. The Wake will tell the story of an outsider brought into a world he is unfamiliar with and must survive!


Rik Gordon is an independent film-maker from N. Ireland. He believes in telling stories that evoke emotion, especially through a story that is a little less ordinary. His previous film The Pigman was about an outcast creature that lives high up in the Irish mountains and is shunned from his local community until one fateful night he is given the opportunity to change this. The film was screened in many festivals around the world and managed to pick up a few awards.


The target of the campaign is $8,000 and will draw to a close on Halloween. There are some perks for people who donate a certain amount to the campaign. However, people can choose to donate any amount of money without selecting a perk. Any support will be very much appreciated whether that is in terms of spreading the word of the campaign far and wide or any financial contribution.

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