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A Pittsburgh family has been dealing with a supernatural possession of their home for years now, and the pictures they’ve captured documenting the demonic presence are undoubtedly creepy.

According to TheBlaze, Bob Cranmer’s story about the “demonic infestation” of his home is enough to send chills down your spine. The fact that several prominent religious heads in the area worked with Cranmer to rid the house of its eerie presence adds credibility to the claim.

TheBlaze reports:

He claims that the demonic force was eventually expelled, but only after the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Fr. Michael Salvagna, a local priest, Protestant pastors and Adam Blai, a self-described demonologist, spent two years fervently battling its presence by repeatedly holding Mass and blessing the home.

The photos that Cranmer shared with the website document various incidents in the home that are rather hard to explain away. The Cranmer’s dealt with a mysterious blood-like substance appearing on their walls and crucifixes being snapped in two while nobody was around. There’s even a staircase within the home that drew extra attention from the preachers because of strange activities.

One day in 2003, Cranmer observed that his dog appeared to be staring at something on the staircase, but there was nothing there. Curious, he snapped a photo of the area the dog was staring at. Upon having it developed, he said there was a “smoky skeleton” in the picture that he couldn’t see with his “own eyes.”

Terrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARS

He says that what he captured was the force that would spend the next several years terrorizing the family, a not-so-friendly ghost that would manifest itself as a shadowy figure moving around the home.

“I observed black shadows sliding along floors and walls that were not being cast by anything,” Blai told TheBlaze. “I also smelled a column of air with a horrific death-like stench that moved like a person walking. This column of air left no lingering scent behind it like natural odors would.”

As if having to deal with menacing shadows throughout the home wasn’t enough, Cranmer would often wake up with mysterious scratches on his body. Scratches that came in sets of three and ran parallel to themselves like a claw or something similar.

“The scratches would [usually] appear in a group of three parallel scratches and they would generally run straight down your back and across your chest,” he said. “I would never feel [them] when they were being applied. I would wake up in the morning and I could certainly feel them then because it hurt.”

Terrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARS

There were many other instances of paranormal activity within the home, but perhaps the most chilling would be the bent and snapped crucifixes they would discover, some of which were on their necklaces.

“There’s one that my son wore. It was bent completely in half, folded over on itself,” he said. “And we found it on the floor off of its neck and when I opened it up again it broke in half.”

Terrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARSTerrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARS

While it’s undoubtedly creepy that the demonic presence seemed to target religious symbols, it also would leave something in the home that would likely cause most people to move out of the home. Cranmer said the first time he saw the blood-like substance was on his bathroom floor in puddles, then later on the walls.

“The walls really didn’t bleed,” he said. “It’s not like this stuff seeped out of the walls on its own and ran down.”

According to Cranmer, the substance was deliberately splattered across the walls by something, which he believes wasn’t human.

Terrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARSTerrifying Photos of a ‘Demonic Infestation’ a Family Has Dealt With For YEARS

Whether or not you believe in hauntings or paranormal activity, Cranmer’s story is definitely one that would make skeptics think twice, especially after the Diocese of Pittsburgh has publicly stood behind him and his claims.

TheBlaze reports that the home has been relatively quiet since the religious leaders helped Cranmer to remove the evil spirits, but it’s left Cranmer a bit shaken up. The father of four said he almost suffers from a type of PTSD as a result of battling the entity for so long.

“I was always worried that this thing was coming back and that it would start up again.”

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