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Sand and Stars by Deanna Jaxine StinsonA Daydream

The taste of the ocean is bittersweet and the salty air stings my lips in a purifying way. From above, I can see the stars of our universe glittering, shimmering like beautiful living diamond creatures. They are always there; it does not matter if it is dark or light, whether I am alive or dead, their presence remains.

There is a dark star that cannot be seen from the outer edges of the night. It remains locked away deep inside of me. It is only when I hold up a candle to the reflections in my eyes that I realize what I have seen is simply a mirror of time and the words that are left in my head are only thoughts that collected in the deep abyss of a haunted human head. Yet, they do not go away, they only evolve and change. The universe is inside, patterns left of mathematical designs, and nothing makes much sense.

A poetic grace escapes me as words spill out, overflowing from the beauty that is deep and over flooded by the oceans side.

Sand falls from my skeleton’s mouth…like a spiraling seashell dropping dust…what is this? A dream…a vision… tiny glittering pieces of the ocean caught up on the shoreline of our world. Together, it is an unstable surface but I find enough foundation to carve words in the sand with my hands. I am overwhelmed and I cannot speak when I see what it all means.

Separately each piece of sand is nothing but a moment in time…a fraction of something incomplete…when put together…it becomes land that I can draw upon, something elemental. Something tiny has given life and now there is an ocean and wind within the design. Mana is also created and fed to me as words. There is something anyone can understand… there in the sand is a spiral that goes on and on forever building high into eternity.

The ocean wipes over the spiral, erasing the scar and taking it back. A bottle washes upon the shore as I step back. It seems everything I let go may come back to me. Inside of the bottle, there is a paper. I uncork the bottle to read the paper and this is what it says…

A Haunted Reverie

poetry by Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Twilight glitters
Breathing & bleeding
Beauty transmitter
Kneading into the quick sand
Of a mystical land
Time is slipping
Through an hour glass
Like Cinderella’s shoes
Everything that falls behind us
We love and we let loose
Shattered into
A river of solitude
Waves on the shore
Where ocean meets land
Time and memory again
Will we ever understand?
The precious moments that we had
As we fall away into ghost hands
Of a haunted reverie
An eternal melody…

Then everything in my hands suddenly melts. It seems there is a bit of a sickness growing in my soul as I inhale the black smoke left from the burning note and I pass away into a dream land where I see more of the universe.

My Dreams

Sunday, December 20th 2015
Gathering Agate and Amethyst

I am in a place that is filled with sand and tire trails from a vehicle.

The sand is light tan colored and very loose.

This place seems like a place for jogging because there is a woman that walks by in jogging clothes. She is an older woman with short blonde hair. I am also in jogging clothes.

The woman points over to a corner where there is a hole with sand filled in. I see an amethyst chunk and I go over and start filling up my pockets with amethyst, agate, crystal points some with a titanium coated look and other precious minerals of various colors.

I run back home to wear Paul is but it’s a different home, very dark with wood floors and one couch where he is watching tv.

There is no sound in the house, even though I see the tv on it does not turn on so I could not figure out how to tell him what happened.

Wednesday, August 26th 2015
Sands Falling

I am in a cave. The cave was large and it is filled with sand on the bottom, and leaking through the top. It is dark in the cave but not pitch black, it is a deep blue.

I am on top of a steep cliff inside of the mountain. The sand is falling through my hands as I clutch with my hands from the sky.
Beneath of the cliff, I see small pools of blue water. There is also sea green colored water dripping down the cliffs.

I am not wearing a swim suit but rather modern clothes that are grey and white colored. I think that I am actually wearing sweats.
On the other side of the sand, I start to see a vision of a place where a lot of people live. The people live underground. They do not live above ground. I think they are dead people because they go into the bottom of volcanoes and tunnels in the Earth with no sense.

Friday, July 24th 2015
On The Shore

I dreamed that I was on a shoreline of a beach. I was standing on the other side of a huge piece of black driftwood. There was a dead woman in the sand and there was other people trying to hide her corpse. There were two men with black hair. Apparently, we had accidently killed her.

She was a white woman with light brown hair. She disappeared into thin air. My higher self said that in a past life we killed this woman and got away with it and now we were paying the karmic prices. I dreamed than about my children that I love and about demons and vampires and I held my head in my hands and just cried in deep anguish.

Friday, October 12th 2012
Buried in the Sand

I dreamed that there was a girl that went missing on her wedding day. I found her three days later. She was buried in the sand, in a coffin.

When I opened the coffin, she was in the sand and she woke up and sat up in the coffin. I turned around and saw that she was alive.

Monday, July 4th 2011
Egyptian Sand

I dreamed I was riding in the sand, past a bunch of workers. I was in some sort of jeep vehicle. I stopped and got out of the vehicle and looked over a slight edge and saw some ancient Egyptians working on a white boat. I said nothing and kept traveling.

Up ahead on the road I saw my friend. My hair was black and I was contemplating whether or not I believed in reincarnation. I looked outside of myself for a moment, and saw a scarab tattoo on my lower back.

My friend said she had spoken with the man building the boat. He had lent her a piece of jewelry for a day. It was a gold and black case that opened up like wings spreading on a beetle to reveal a gold and ruby scarab. It was a necklace. I lied to my friend and asked to borrow it knowing I was going to steal it. I felt like it was mine, like I could remember it.

The next day I was driving through the sand and stopped where the boat man was working the day before. An upside down man, yellowish creature jumped in front of me hanging by his legs. I said here I have something for you and threw a replica of the necklace at him. He became off guard and could not see well believing it was the original necklace. So, I ended up keeping the scarab necklace.

Sand & Stars

I wake up slowly and open my eyes. I am shivering as the sun is rising.

I must have slept along time. I looked around to gather myself. I look into the eyes of someone standing above me. It is a bright star hovering close. I recognize her immediately. It is Psamathe, Greek goddess of beaches. She shines so bright that it is blinding but my head fills up with information as she glows and brightly darts away. I see now, the meaning in my dreams…

In dreams, the element of sand symbolizes the borderlands. This could represent where the ocean meets, or land and it could be representing your unconscious and conscious mind merging together. Sand also represents time as it would inside of an hourglass or as tiny pieces of something that when put together make something larger for a bigger purpose than one might be able to comprehend in the current situation..

Sand can symbolize shifting spiritually and emotionally, as the entire world is made as little pieces of a bigger situation.

An even brighter light comes my way…it is Apollo, Greek god of the sun.

He seems to be holding onto my hands as I stand up off the sand and I feel the warmth drying my clothes. The day becomes calm and beautiful as the sun shines high and mighty, as I tread barefoot back to the city from where I came. I came to feast upon the universe, and that I did and I am now satisfied. I will not return until the hunger aches again.

White Mage

Stars fall down in a spiral motion
Turning to stone like pillars in the ocean
Tides splash around me
Sounds like a full moon melody
And I hear songs like
Words of eternity
Return to me
God, is like a white mage
He bathes my soul in prisms of smoke and sageDeanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess


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