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The story below is part fiction, part historical fact and sprinkled with reports of paranormal activity at the Willard Asylum for the Chronically Insane in Willard, New York. This story is for entertainment and for learning about the paranormal activity that resides at this establishment to this very day. Enjoy!

HPI Esoteric Detectives Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose and Paul Dale Roberts aka the Demon Warrior head off to investigate the Willard Asylum for the Chronically Insane in Willard, New York after receiving notification that a murder has taken place at this establishment and the Department of Corrections believes the murder victim Elizabeth Kelly (grand-niece of Mary Kelly – Jack the Ripper’s final victim) was killed by a poltergeist. Stella Bonasera was the crime scene investigator that investigated the crime scene first. Stella identified, isolated and secured the scene. She brought in two forensic specialists that are now temporarily training at the NYPD (New York Police Department).

Those forensic specialists are Dexter Morgan and Barry Allen. Stella set up a restricted perimeter around the crime scene so Dexter and Barry could analyze the blood splatters on the wall. While Dexter and Barry were working on the blood splatters, Stella was busy with investigating the tool mark on the victim. It appeared that Elizabeth was struck repeatedly by a tire iron. In New York was a detective convention event in which many prominent detectives around the world have gathered to trade off information, ideas and planning a universal communication network that connects all law enforcement agencies. Stella, Dexter and Barry were guests of this convention event. Stella decides to invite over 6 detectives that she met at the convention event, they are: Adrian Monk, Remington Steele, Boston Blackie, Nick Carter, Amos Burke and Kindaichi Kosuke. With all of these great detective minds, Stella feels she will find her answer soon.

Step in Deanna and Paul as they investigate if it was truly a poltergeist that committed the murder or if there was a human component. While Deanna and Paul are investigating let’s look at the history of this asylum.

According to Wikipedia:
It was a well-known fact that the majority of the people who arrived at the Willard Asylum for the Chronically Insane would never leave once they got there. Most lived their lives at the asylum, only to be buried across the street in unmarked graves. Unfortunately, nobody provided the patients with this information. Some of them are still there today in spirit.


in 1995 four-hundred unopened suitcases were found in the attic, most containing personal items dating from 1910 to 1960. Judging by the contents, many of the interred were considered well-to-do, possessing luxury items such as hand-blown glass perfume bottles and silver napkin rings, along with personal effects, such as photographs and letters. It was clear by the contents that the patients once led normal lives.

The first patient at the asylum arrived on October 13, 1869. Mary Rote arrived on a steamboat, after having spent the past decade at the Columbia County almshouse, chained to in a corner without clothing, proper medical assistance or even a bed. All she had was a tattered blanket. Several others joined her that day adorned with leg irons. By comparison, the Willard was a five star resort to some of them.

Since so many of the early patients at Willard had suffered at the hands of ill run poor farms or almshouses, which were little more than prisons for the feeble minded, treatment was nearly impossible. An 1872 article in the New York Times describes a girl who was kept in a five foot by five foot cell, chained to the corner. The superintendent of the facility told a visiting doctor that the girl was destructive and disturbed, despite frequent floggings with a whip or strap. The only thing that seemed to keep her in line was a method he called “pulleying” where she was hung by her thumbs until she settled down. He also reported that she’d given birth to two children earlier in her stay by “fathers unknown.”

The most reported paranormal sighting at the Willard Asylum for the Chronically Insane is of a woman with long red hair, seen walking the hallways. Thought to be a patient who started out at the asylum as a doctor, she is also known to let loose a spine-tingling scream in the middle of the night. GHOST IDENTIFIED: RED-HAIRED SCREAMER.

Several of the buildings are now used by the New York Department of Corrections to house incarcerated drug addicts, but it is opened once a year for tours. End of Wikipedia.

Other reports have been that a ghost that looks like a female teenager is seen in the hallways in a fetal position sucking her thumb and when you approach her she will turn towards you, stare at you and yells out obscenities, then just vanishes. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE THUMB SUCKER.

2 ghostly men, that seem like orderlies are at times seen looking out the window, they have a blank stare on their faces. One ghost is large and tall, while the other one is short and slender. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE LAUREL & HARDY ORDERLIES.

A strange blue orb is seen floating around one of the hallways. GHOST IDENTIFIED: HALLWAY BLUE ORB.

Some people have reported doors slamming, footsteps heard throughout the asylum, giggling, laughter, crying and whispering heard.

A demonic figure is seen that has piercing green eyes, ruddy complexion and the top of his head appears to be on fire. He wears a vest and a fluffy white shirt, slick black pants. DEMON IDENTIFIED: MR. RUDDY.

In one of rooms there are 2 hands that seem to be floating side by side. The hands appear to be blistered and one witness claimed to have been grabbed by the hands. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE BLISTERED FLOATING HANDS.

Some other visitors have reported seeing residual images of patients being beaten by their orderlies. Like most asylums from yesteryear, many patients were beaten, harassed, tortured and had controversial medical experiments done on them. Most patients were looked upon as a disgusting aberration of mankind and were dehumanized because of it. The hauntings at this asylum will continue on into eternity. It’s a horrible history that will replay itself over and over again and many tortured souls will forever haunt the hallways and rooms of this former establishment. God bless their souls.

As for Deanna and I, discovering if a poltergeist committed the murder, no evidence was found, so the investigation by our top detectives continue.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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