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Legends of the Occult

Have you ever found yourself contemplating on all the mysteries of the universe? I am not talking about what we know but all things that are yet undiscovered, physical and spiritual, all wrapped into one? Have you wanted to know the philosophies of all beings in the universe, not just humankind?

If you are looking for answers in this life about why you exist than you are probably looking for secrets from the occult. The occult is all the mysteries of magic and the supernatural universe. What is considered occult today may not be so in the future, when we have learned more about science, and technology. Some of the inventions that we have today would be considered magic if they had been brought into the past.

Modern medicine itself displays the symbol of Hermes, the god that is the messenger between us. He stands as a bridge between the seen and unseen. He is one who can receive messages from the supernatural realms and bring them to the Earth plane. His symbol and many other modern day symbols would be considered as occult. Today, his symbol with the snake and staff is commonly used in medicine. Even our money has the mysterious eye, a symbol of the occult marked onto it to point out that clearly it holds intense power over us.

It may simply be that the entire universe is magic and supernatural so that figuring out the answers to our questions is simply a matter of evolution. I want to give you a glimpse into the realm of the supernatural and if you are just curious and wise enough, you may walk even further down the paths. All those who see it will find something at the end of their journey that has meaning. This is the nature of the world as we know it, both physical and spiritual. God is there with us in the beginning and in the last, what is his face, how will we perceive it? How will we communicate with it?

There is a strong symbolization of a witch on a broom with branches.
There are many theories as to this but the truth is that there is a lot of magic in wood. A tree branch of any numerous types of tree can become magic if used properly. Seeing as how God created us from bones, what could we create with branches? This is the art of mimicking the magic of the Gods. Different types of wood hold unique sensations over us. The wisdom that one has can make one into witch, is there such an evil as being to knowledgeable?

Mictlan is the Aztec underworld. It contained nine different stages.
Because there is such a long journey, it is advised to pray for the dead even after they have passed as this will help them on their eternal way.

In order for one to become at peace, all things must be sorted out within matters of the head, heart, and soul. As one knows, this journey could take years to complete.

Just a glance down at the palm of your left hand can be a sign that you are headed into the world of magic. Palmistry is the art of foretelling the future by the lines in your hands. Palmistry corresponds greatly to astrology. Those holding a cross in the center of their palms are said to be psychic.

TV Symbols
Why is it that the symbol of the one eye affects us so deeply?
Scientists have speculated that at one time we may have had a real third eye and that it got lost deep within our pineal gland in our brain. The third eye is set as a marker over the Baphomet, or the idolization of the devil. I look at symbols like a blue eye from CBS that looks strikingly similar to this magical occult eye, and the eyes on a peacock’s tail from deep Greek mythology that also stand for another major network. Whether we like to admit it or not, we have invoked something with this symbol that is very powerful and widespread. This is a psychological brain patterning. What are we becoming?

The Dragons Eye
The Dragons Eye is a symbol with beginnings in Germany. It is a triangular shape with a downward facing Y design in the middle. The inside of the triangle is a symbolization of the choice between good or evil. If properly invoked, this symbol can bring you protection from evil.

What is so mysterious about the land of the dead that we cannot wait to know? What is wrong with knowing? Perhaps it is our human ways plotting and planning for the future much like squirrels, we are hiding away acorns, from the trees of wisdom to consume later. Some of us, like me cannot accept the way things are in order to find true peace we should first address the chaos living inside so that we may put it to rest eternally.

Feathers of you
by Deanna Jaxine Stinson

You have owl’s eyes
A geometric masque
A beautiful disguise
Mysterious and wise
I am the tree onto which you stand
I am connected with everything
And everyone
A breathe of this universe
My heart tangled up in vines
Claws grasped around it
I am like wood to your soul
Trapped in the center
Holes open into shrines
In this enchanted forest
Where than spirits rest
Watching and wishing with
My dragon’s eye
Over time I am wondering
I can’t tell the difference,
If I am a prisoner?
Or the princess…
Love, power and wisdom
Revolves around us like rotating planets
Changing into something brillant
What did you take for granite?
Like feathers and leaves falling piercing
Visualizing where you are
Light from the stars shooting
Urging us to reach out into
Heaven Betrayal and retributions
A cycle of premonitions
A breeze blowing past
A pattern in time
Retro cognition
Wings opened and shadows are cast
And then you are gone with the moon
And I cannot move from here so soon, so fast
My roots bound deep into the Earth
Searching for what’s underground
Precious artifacts like amber and diamonds
Metal rivers in the rock
Silver and gold merging
What is this worth
Of my soul converging into the dirt
While you fly on into the night
Seeking to fill your hunger
Until you are satisfied but
You will never be done seeking until you die

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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