October 29, 2015 7:22 am

Creepy Doll

If you are one of those people who a freaked out by creepy dolls, this video might not be for you.

Movies like Child’s Play and Annabelle have shown us that dolls definitely have a place in our own fears and anxieties, but the dolls in the video below have GOT to be the creepiest that we’ve ever seen.

Created in 1890, Edison’s Talking Dolls are equipped with some of the oldest entertainment records ever recorded. In fact, some of their voices were so eerie that even children back in the 1890s were scared. After only six months of production, they pulled the plug on these toys. If you ever come across one of these guys, you must get your hands on it at any price!

Would you ever let your kids play with a doll like this?
We wouldn’t.

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This post was written by Albert Saliba