August 10, 2015 5:30 pm

Baby Monitor Captures Ghost

This couple were ‘completely freaked out’ after seeing a ghostly light floating over their daughter’s cot.

A baby monitor captured the spooky footage at their home in Consett, County Durham, as dad Jonathan Murphy, 32, went to check on 8-week-old Rosie in her bedroom.

A white light appears on the left of the screen before a white orb appears and floats over the baby’s cot.

Mr Murphy went up to check on his daughter when he noticed the strange white light.

He watched the recording from the baby monitor with partner Victoria Snowdon, 22, after he came back downstairs – and it confirmed what he had seen.

Baby Rosie with her parents Jonathan and Victoria

Baby Monitor Captures Ghost

He said: ‘The first thing I thought was – is that a ghost?’

‘I know it seems like a joke, but it’s inexplicable. We still don’t know what it could be. No cars were passing by and we keep the room dark.’

‘It must have lasted about a minute to a minute-and-a-half in total.’

He also said that the couple were ‘completely freaked out’ by what they saw, he added: ‘Victoria was reluctant to let me take the baby back upstairs again. She was even more worried by it than me.’

She said: ‘Wish I’d got my camera on quicker cos it was there before he even went in the room so it couldn’t have been a reflection or anything!’

‘I’ve never believed in ghosts or anything… Just have no idea what it could be! Bit creeped out!’

You can watch the spooky footage below.

Mysterious white orb floats over baby’s cot

Reported by Daily Mirror.