May 6, 2015 12:48 pm

REAL, RAW, AND UNSCRIPTED from paranormal investigators around the world. True Ghost Stories TV Show is going to bring it to you. Premier, June 2015. We are bringing paranormal investigators together. We are UNITED STRONG!

True Ghost Stories
True Ghost Stories was founded by Sherri Emily, Actor/Radio Entertainer/Author/Promoter. She has had paranormal experiences most of her life, she has faced death and knows what is beyond death. She wanted to share her experiences and truth with the world and help others understand the truth about demons, nebulous image or spirits (whatever you may call them).

In her quest to share with the world she has met many in her walks that has had the same experiences and questions that she has had and they too, wish to tell the world of their experiences and understand what is going on around them. Why is this happening, what do they want, why are they here? Together we are going to find the truth and in searching for the truth we will share some amazing stories and paranormal experiences.

Do you have a story to tell? Well here is the place for you to do so. Join us as we talk about our paranormal activities, LIVE on Life Omni Radio WLOR, we are waiting for you.

We are in search of paranormal stories and experiences, if you have a paranormal story to tell we want to hear it, we want to share it with others, we want the world to know the truth!