July 29, 2014 6:31 pm

What a perfect day for Halloween 2014…this year Halloween will fall on a Friday!

With trick or treating and all the parties on Halloween, the below make up ideas will definitely inspire you and give you an idea of what you do your make up and what you should wear this Halloween 2014.

From blood-red lips to wet-look locks, Halloween is the perfect period to try some scarily-good make-up ideas.

It can be boring to wear the same normal make-up for Halloween…People envy other’s make-up on this special day when it is scary and unique.

The below tutorial will also give you some ideas of how to use such make up for Halloween.

Some tips to always keep in mind when applying Halloween make-up:

Make sure you apply a good base make-up. This will help the color be applied more smoothly and stay in place longer.

It is recommended to outline the whole face before you color anything in. This way you will be more able to apply the color easily and smudge less.

Remember…. the eyes are the windows to the soul especially on Halloween! They are the key to your Halloween costume. Focus on your eyes since usually people look at these first. Take more time in applying make up to the eye area.

To make sure your make-up stays all night long, set it with a light dusting of face powder. If you do not want this make-up to be that noticeable, then try translucent powder from your make-up stash.

To be more convincing, do not stop the make-up to be on your face only. Remember, add make-up to your skin like your neck and hands. Cover these spots after your costume is on so you can be sure that you will not smear your costume while you get dressed!


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