June 26, 2014 11:16 am

Though short, the Halloween season is a spooky, fun filled time of the year, with both children and adults dressing in Halloween costumes and most of all hosting a Halloween Party!

Whether you want to have a traditional Halloween Costume Party, a Pumpkin Carving Party, a Horror Movie Fest, or even a full fledged Halloween Block Party, you’ll find plenty of ideas here. In fact, there are so many opportunities to have fun at this time of year, why stop with one Halloween party? So why not start your own tradition of hosting your own Halloween party for your friends and family!

– Decide on a date and time for your Halloween party. Try to hold it on the weekend or night before Halloween. If possible, don’t have it on Halloween night, as most people will probably want to be home to give out treats. We usually hold our Halloween party from dusk to midnight. Send out or hand deliver your Halloween party invitations at least two weeks before the party to give people plenty of time to R.S.V.P. you back. You should call people who didn’t R.S.V.P. to find out if they’re coming to the party or not.

– Knowing how many people will actually be at your Halloween party is essential to its planning and success! When making out your guest list, calculate the maximum number of people the area in your house where the party will be held can accommodate comfortably. Let those invited know in the invitation whether they can bring a friend and that they should let you know whether they will when they R.S.V.P., and take this into account. Don’t over crowd your guests by inviting more people than your house can hold.

Will Halloween costumes be required? – We always require costumes, after all, it is a Halloween costume party. If you throw a couples party, there are lots of couples costumes to choose from every year.

– Decide if you want a particular theme for your Halloween party. Theme based Halloween parties are a great way to create a special ambiance, but require extra planning for you and your guests.

– Prepare a menu plan for what type of food and beverage you want to serve and how much you will need based on the amount of people you invite.

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