September 16, 2013 11:35 am

Being asleep but yet awake happens to some individuals that have their mind open and set to supernatural experiences. This is called sleep paralysis.

This is actually quite possible and one at a later stage can open the gate to dark horrors or at a lighter stage create his/her own dreams.

Today we will take about opening the gates to dark horrors while being asleep. Something interesting enough some people do claim of seeing, hearing or feeling demons while asleep. Some others also lose the sense of being table to talk and the ability to move! – thus the name “sleep paralysis“. Yes it may be quite scary if one has this experience, but in a way this can make you stronger.

sleep paralysis

What should you do to stop sleep paralysis?

If you do not want sleep paralysis, you should never sleep face up, but you must sleep on your side. Sleeping paralysis tends to happen only when one sleeps face up!