December 27, 2011 4:38 pm

By Jon Russell Cring

Creeping Crawling

Creeping Crawling

Creeping Crawling is a Horror Anthology film my wife and I have written together. We have made 14 Feature films but this is the first one that we wrote ourselves. We wanted a movie in the vein of the 70s Horror like The legend of Hellhouse,Burnt Offerings, and Don’t Look Back. We also want to mix a bit of eroticism into the story. Movies are just to fuckin PG13 now. All the stories revolve around People interacting with insects and we have a part for the Entymologist/storyteller that we are raising the money for a great horror character actor to play ala William Forsythe,Brad Dourif,Karen Black,Crispin Glover ect. We figure we need about 10000 for one day with them. Bottom line you need a name to make the jump from micro features to larger filmmaking and distribution. This is my first Kickstarter and I am flying by the seat of my pants. Raine Brown has expressed interest in being involved and she is an extremely cool chick.She would probably be in the story about a lonely guy who has a bug fetish who is online dating.The third tale is about a model with an eating disorder that is swallowing tape worms.We have already shot one of them called RID. It is about a nurse who is taking care of a comatose patient in a gothic Mansion. At night she is attacked by fleas and the sprays that she is using to fight them seem to her to be bringing her patient slowly out of his coma. The character is a little “May” mixed with ‘Misery”. Its a great performance by newcomer Anna Shields. Directing is supposed to be about Acting and that is what I push.I have a Movie review show in Schenectady on Public access so I have alot to say about Cinema lol.If you could allow us the opportunity to be included on your blog it would be truely an honor. The first part of the Anthology should be ready as of the end of January Too many Braindead movies get made and I have never heard of an Anthology concept like this.

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