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SHIFTER is a 2011 American style Vampire horror film written by Kyle Kaos and directed by Jason X (Jason Charles Xavier).

The film centers on eight friends on a week-end cabin get-a way, who are haunted by the disappearance of a young couple; last seen taking a walk in woods. It is presented in the style of “live action comic book,” with the material being proposed in such a way, the audience feels immersed in the film itself, like they were the ninth friend in the group, as the story unravels. A cinematic gem shot for a very modest budget, Shifter holds the credibility of a classic horror, while maintaining a humorous undertone throughout, never taking itself too serious, but serious enough to scare the crap of you.

Originally developed as an independent feature, Shifter is presently being shopped around worldwide, already showing strong interest in European markets, even before being released to festivals.

A sequel, entitled SHIFTING, already in development, will be released on October, 2013, and will be followed by a third film titled SHIFTED on June, 2014 to complete the 3 box trilogy.

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