July 16, 2011 5:45 pm


The story mainly follows Claire (played by Sarah Yenkelun) who is the location manager for a local production company trying to make a film. When she sets her sights on a vintage “warehouse,” the curiosity of the past overpowers her. The discovery of an old newspaper article detailing the murder of two people in the building make her concerned for others safety. Soon she begins to discover the bodies of others and must unravel the truth behind it all. As the body count rises, she is thrown into the world of the dead and must maneuver through time to survive.

Key Cast:

Claire – Sarah Yenkelun

Howland – Drew Cavanaugh

The Keeper – Joseph Del Carmine

Writer and Director – Domenic Del Carmine

With no budget and a limited amount of days to film, Howland became such a journey to make! The cast became close to the story and aided in the creation of the final product. The story was not based on any actual events, however, it was a fictional tale about ghostly apparitions and a girl whose character changes from the beginning to the end of the film – she becomes a strong willed individual. During the filming of Howland, the bulk of us were on the edge of graduating high school, so to create something such as a 26 minute feature was exciting and new! As a writer and director, it’s one of my largest projects that I’ve taken on, and I couldn’t be more happy with the product.