May 31, 2011 7:39 pm

Summer Sci-Fi Horror Play Festival

June 9 – July 3 at The Kraine Theater

EndTimes Productions will present VIGNETTES FOR THE APOCALYPSE V, the 5th annual edition of New York’s oldest and largest Sci-fi/Horror themed theater festival, beginning June 9 at The Kraine Theater. This year, the Festival will offer 34 plays, a concert and a movie,  presented in 9 evening-length programs curated by Rusell Dobular. The Festival will premiere new works by Derek Ahonen (The Amoralists’ Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side), Mac Rogers (Best Play winner for Viral at FringeNYC),  Crystal Skillman (NYIT Award for Best Play for The Vigil), Jerrod Bogard (Spin Cycle for Wide Eyed Productions), Mark Borkwoski (The Perfect Witness, Cost of A Soul), among others.

The program and schedule for VIGNETTES FOR THE APOCALYPSE V is as follows:

Bill #1: 6/9 at 6:30, 6/11 at 6, 6/19 at 6, 6/24 at 6, 6/26 at 8, 6/30 at 6:30, 7/2 at 6

Downtown Theater by Toby Scales. Two workers stumble into something terrible while excavating an old theatre in New York. The play takes place entirely by the light of the workers’ headlamps. Directed by Daniel Solon.

Wardrobe of the Living Dead by Maximilian Clark. Trapped in a closet, hordes of the undead are scraping at the door. Please, God, if there’s anyone out there, do you know when the new season of House starts? Directed by Jenna Dempesy.

The You Knows Know by Derek Ahonen. In a population controlled future where the “You Knows” have abused their political power, a young married couple hide from authority to protect their unborn child from a very different America. Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann.

Dating Sucks by Mike Poblete. A cautionary tale about a man who gets more than he bargains for from a craigslist casual encounter. Directed by Justin Ness.

The Madhouse by Jerrod Bogard. A classic-style Guignol in which a publisher sends a horror novelist with writer’s block to an insane asylum for inspiration. Directed by Leal Vona.

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