August 29, 2010 3:33 pm
Dead Birds

Dead Birds

Director: Alex Turner
Writers: Simon Barrett
Release Year: 2004
Genre: Horror | Thriller | Western

Dead Birds is based in Civil War-era Alabama, the movie starts with a band of outlaws that after robbing a bank they take shelter at a vacant farm. The group of robbers is led by William, the group includes Sam, Todd, Annabelle, Clyde and Joseph. Their plans are to flee to Mexico, but nightfall and a thunderstorm force the robbers to remain in the farmhouse. After some time in the farmhouse each member starts to have visions of the slaughter that occurred within the house. As paranormal forces begin to manifest, they turn on one another. What will the outcome be?

Albert’s Review: “It’s the first Western Horror movie I’ve watched and it was quite good.”
Rating: (6/10)

Nadia’s Review: “At times eery, a good film for all those that like horror films with original content.”
Rating: (6/10)

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